Do you have a leg length differences? A physiotherapist explains about leg length discrepancy.


My name is Ikuko Murata, I'm a physical therapist and personal trainer (Tokyo).

Are your legs the same length on the right and left?

Those who answered "the same".

Is that true?

Have you ever consulted to an expert to see if there is a difference between right leg and left leg?

In fact, many people have a leg length difference.

There is even literature that as many as 90% of people have a leg length difference of 10 mm or less.

References: Knutson GA. Anatomic and functional leg-length inequality: a review and recommendation for clinical decision-making. Part I, anatomic leg-length inequality: prevalence, magnitude, effects and clinical significance. Chiropractic & Osteopathy 2005

But from my actual clinical experience, I feel 90% is a little bit too much.

I feel it's maybe 40 - 50%, but it's still big number, almost half.

Small difference of 1 to 2 mm does not affect the body so strongly, so I may have overlooked it.

Anyway, the difference in leg length is not "rare" at all, and it's "common".

Recently I had family clients who have a big leg length difference in all three members.

The leg length difference problem is scattered like this family.

The difference in leg length causes various physical problems as I will write in another article later.

The cause of the trouble may be the leg length differences, and even if there is no trouble now, it will be a cause of troubles in the future.

Therefore, even if you don't feel the difference in leg length, I think it's better to take a checking once.

Well, then in the previous question, on the contrary

those who answered "Yes! My legs are different on the right and left!".

I think there are surprisingly some.

I've seen many people's bodies as a physiotherapist or trainer,

and some of them were aware of the difference in leg length already by themselves and had been worried for a long time.

I remember that when I told the client that her leg length might be different so as not to shock her as much as possible,

she said "OMG! I think so too! I've consulted many but everyone says there is no problem, but I've felt strange for a long time and I couldn't do anything! Can you agree? Thank you!!".

Honestly I was surprised at the time...

In this way, some people have been worried about:

・ It's not sure if there is a difference in leg length

・ It's not sure which expert to consult

・ It's not sure how to deal with it

・ While doing so, the body will break...

When I handed the insole to a such client and the trouble was solved quickly,

I felt happy but sometimes I confused "Why such a simple problem has been neglected until now."

So! I will explain about the "leg length difference" here in several articles.

I would like to make the articles useful information for those who are suffering from leg length difference of course, those who are having physical problems due to leg length difference, those who don't have pain now but have a risk of problems due to leg length difference in the future, and in addition therapists who feel the need for knowledge of leg length difference.

The table of contents is as follows. (Absolutely it will be big amount(゚∀゚))

< table of contents about the leg length difference >

① What kind of effect on the body? (lower back, knee, hip)

② What kind of effect on walking?

③ What is the causes of leg length difference?

④ How is it handled in rehabilitation field (in Japan)?

⑤ How to measure in rehabilitation field (in japan)

⑦ How to measure effectively and correctly

⑧ Will the leg length difference be corrected?

⑨ How should we deal with it?

⑩ How to make an insole for leg length difference

⑪ Some case-studies

To Be Continued (^^) /

I explain by clip about this topic also → YouTube

Thank you for reading.

I hope this article will be a helpful information to improve your body!

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